Digipay 4.6 install for mantra device 2021//Mantra Rd Service install for DIGIPAY 4.6 2021//Digipay 4.6 install 2021

Digipay Install Complete Process 2021

सबसे पहले पुराने DIGIPAY & Rd Service को Uninstall करना है, उसके बाद C Drive से उसके Folder को Delete करना है,उसके बाद System को Restart करना है

फिर Software Download करना है

DIGIPAY 4.6 Software Link:https://dl-file.com/rtzoc1dldx8i/Digipay-setup__1_.zip.html

Mantra Software Link 2 : https://dl-file.com/5flygzdxeyf0/Mantra_Software.rar.html

Software Download होने के बाद का Process……..

Mantra MFS100 Driver Setup Installation.

  1. Mantra MFS100 Driver Setup Installation.
  2. Start installation:
    Right click on setup file and select “Run as administrator”.
    Note: To install MFS100 scanner drivers and necessary service, setup need to access system32 folder. In this case setup need administrator privileges.

फिर Next में Click करना है

Mantra RD Service Installation.

  1. Start installation:
     Right click on setup file and select “Run as administrator”.
     Note: To install Mantra RD Service, setup need administrator privileges.

After installation of RD Service, it can be found under Services form “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools

ublic to L0 Conversion (MFS100 Registered Device)
 When RD Service will detect public device then it will convert it into registered device and user will be notified again with success response by RD Service.
 After that you need to unplug and plug your device.

 If your device is not listed at Mantra Management Server than user will be notified with below message so in this case you need to contact with our Servico Team at http://servico.mantratecapp.com Or +91-79-49068000.

Once registered MFS100 device will be plugged to the system, RD service will detect it automatically and validate it on Mantra’s Management Server.
 Once validation competed then it will generate below popup for user information.

Mantra Rd service Install is Complete Then

Digipay Install Process

Installation of Digipay v 4.6 Step 1: Download Digipay v 4.6 setup Step 2: Right click on Digipay v4.6 setup and select ‘Run as Administrator’. Step 3: Click on ‘Yes’ to Continue.
 Follow the below screenshots to download the set up.

 Click on ‘Next’ to continue the installation. And Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the installation. Digipay icon will appear on Desktop.

 After completing the installation, restart your computer.
 After restarting, Right Click on Digipay Icon and click on ‘Run as Administrator’.
 Click on ‘Yes’ to continue. Digipay window will appear. Double click on the below logo to register in the DigiPay Application.

 To register in the DigiPay Application, Enter your CSC id and a valid Aadhaar number. Click on the checkbox to give your consent and click on proceed button. Read the instructions given in the screenshot carefully. Please ensure to read the consent thoroughly.

CSC ID And Aadhaar Number डाल के Proceed कीजिये Process Complete हो जायगा. Thank You

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