2020 New Morpho Rd Service installation For CSC VLE Complete Process

सबसे पहले Morpho Device का Software Download करना है

जो भी VLE पहले से पुराना Software install किये हैं उनको ये काम करना है 

First, Uninstall older version of Morpho RD service from the System. To Uninstall Older version, Please follow the Steps Below :

1.       Go To Control Panel Program And Features
2.       Find Morpho RD Service Driver version and click on Uninstall.
3.       Then Select Morpho Smart USB 64 bits Driver and click on Uninstall.
4.       When Uninstallation is complete, Go To C: drive and delete Morpho, MORPHORDLOG and MorphoRdServiceL0Soft  folders

Next Process :- सभी VLE के लिए जो पहले Software Install किए है या जो बिलकुल नया से Software Install कर रहे हैं 

1.       Right Click on Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32 and click on Extract to Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32. A Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32 folder will be created.
2.       In Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32 folder, Right Click on MorphoRdserviceL0SoftUpdater and click on Run As Administrator.
3.       Morpho RD service setup will be install with all the necessary requirements.
4.       Plug your Morpho Device and wait until the device automatically shows the pop up message Device Registration Successfully

Pop up Message Image

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