Online E-Stamp Print 2020//E-Stamp Print Complete Process 2020//घर बैठे E-Stamp Print करें 2020

Guideline For E Stamp Print In Jharkhand
Procedure for Self Printing of Online e-Stamp Certificate for Jharkhand
For purposes other than registration
सबसे पहले Jharnibandhan का Website खोलना है, Website Link नीचे दिया हुआ है

1) Please visit our website
2) Citizen Registration is free. Register में Click करना है तो ईस प्रकार का Page खुलेगा

सभी Details भरना है

फिर Submit का Button में Click करना है

Registration Successful का Massage आयेगा
6) After successful registration go to citizen login.
(OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number).

OTP डालने के बाद Login Button पर Click करना है
8) Choose menu Payment services and click purchase estamp option

9) Select district from the district drop down menu.
10) Select Article from the district drop down menu.
11) Enter First party, Second party, Stamp duty paid by, and purpose of stamp duty paid.
12) Enter PAN(its optional) and mobile number (auto detected from login )
13) Enter amount and click on proceed and confirm.

14) You will redirected to JGRAS site(follow payment steps )
15) After success full payment you will redirected to jharnibandhan site.

16) Now click on “estamp” button to download estamp paper.

17) Print on A4 Size plain paper from any LaserJet printer at your own convenience and time.
Process Is Complete Thank You

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